About the project

Why 3D-HELP?

3D-Printing is an innovative technology, which transforms digital files into physical objects and has been identified by the EU as one of the most important emerging digitalization technologies. Since the European Union is actively engaging in a number of activities and events to help Europe to Re-Industrialise nowadays and Europe is at the early stage of the 4th Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0), which aims at exploiting digital technologies, there is an urgent need to help European adults to catch up with competences and skills in a number of new technologies that are now available. 3D-Printing is a technology on which Industry 4.0 greatly depends.  It is important to educate people in this new technology, since new jobs and opportunities will be created and moreover, according to the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (2016), around 45% of EU citizens are digitally illiterate, so it is required to make EU adults competent in 3D-P technology.

Aims of the project

The main aim of the project is creating innovative curricula, course content and e-learning platform, that focus on the revolutionary technology of 3D printing. These resources will equip adults with specific skills related to ICT, engineering and technology and they are free and open for everyone.

Target Groups

We can divide target groups into 3 main categories:

  • EU Adult trainers, who will be able to exploit the 3D-HELP training toolbox to help adult learners acquire skills on 3D-P technology;
  • Adult learners that need a second chance of catching up 3D-P technology;
  • Stakeholders related to the Adult Education sector including policy makers and managers that can influence the direction of adult training.