3rd partner meeting in Zagreb

Another meeting of 3D-Help project took place in Zagreb, Croatia at the beginning of November.
The main purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the Intellectual Outputs, that have been already created, exchange of experience throughout the partnership and to discuss the following work tasks.
Everything went really well, so we can continue working on the rest of the outputs.

Multiplier Event in Croatia

The presentation of the project  was held on Friday, September 28, 2018, starting at 14:00, at Faust Vrančić Mechanical Engineering School, Zagreb.

Croatian partners presented all of the project participants and their roles in it, as well as they also explained goals of the project, which is to develop a curriculum and related learning materials and to contribute to the solution of the problems of the European industry for workers with 3D printing skills to increase their employability.

At the end, the participants could asked questions and discuss the project in more details.

This event really was a success!


First Newsletter

The partners of the project created an overview of all activities that have been organized since the launch of the project. Look what’s new!